Dallas Toler-Wade's message concerning HIS departure of NILE

Just in case anyone has not heard the news I have departed from Nile. I would like to thank the fans of the band, all the friends and bands I met over the years.
You are truly great people. 
This is the end of the road for me and Nile, but not the end for me and music. My band Narcotic Wasteland is going strong as we are nearing completion of our second album. We plan to release it this year and hit the road at some point. Also I did solo guitar work on Jon Vesano's new In-Defilade album slated to come out soon. I plan to stay as busy as I can with music on whatever level possible. 
Also thanks everyone who is messaging me. I will reply as soon as I can. I wish Nile the best.  ~ Dallas Toler-Wade ~